About Us


We are a small Cane Corso kennel situated not far from Stockholm. The breed Cane Corso has been with us since 2003 when we bought our first one. Before that we did experienced other breeds like Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Labrador & Collie. Once experienced a Cane Corso, we did not want to go back. Outside life is very important to us especially when you have this breed. We believe the more outside training the dog has, the more healthy dog you will get.

During the last three years we have had such a success at Dog Shows all around Europe, with a great amount of Winner titels and Champion titels for all our dogs. We participate in all bigger shows like BundesSieger, EuropaSieger, EuropaWinner & WorldWinner Shows as well as Winnershows in each country. 


We have a different view of what makes a Cane Corso. We consider the whole picture and made the decision not to breed only based on specific results, specific registered veterinary results or mental tests as BPH or MH. Instead we look at the total picture. How does a dog look and how does a dog act. How are the parents, sibblings, and other relatives. Does the dog look healthy and is it developed in a good substantial symmentric way? Has it had a healthy life so far, without allergy or other non-registered diseases? Has it developed muscles?

Today you see quite many non muscular Cane Corso which might indicate not to be a healthy dog/line.  Muscles keep the dog together. We know that to develope muscles, the basics must be there. It is never only about training. We have together over 50 years experience of professional athlete training, diets & rehabilitation, also internationally. One of us is also a chiropractor. This helps us a lot with our work with the dogs and to understand how to maintain and to "build" dogs and prevent injuries, diseases, and to create dogs with substance and symmetry. For us, it is not only a dog. It is an interest, a lifestyle, which we now apply to our dogs and our line. We will help our puppy buyers with all support to make sure the puppies will have a good life.



We care a lot about health. We also try to do mental test of our dogs. It is understandable if you may not know so much about hip x-ray, or mental tests, but we will explain everything for our puppy buyers. A passed mental test does not automatically mean the dog is "ok". To see what kind of mentality the dog has, one need to "read" the test. We will help you to  understand those.


All pups are sold as pets according to the SKK recommendations, rules and agreements. But if you become interested to try a dog show, we do have a lot of experience and will gladly help you to explain, and to help you with your dog's show training.

Team Tornado c/o Monica Lindström, SWEDEN 


Phone + 46 704 177838